The Next Age of Photography Is Already Here

Computational photography is fundamentally changing how we create and edit photos. From multi-image HDR fusion at capture in smartphones to context-aware editing in software, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) promise to make it easier to create great images. But as with all new frontiers, it’s helpful to have a scout who’s looking at the path ahead.

For now, Photo AI is starting modestly. I currently write a column about computational photography at Popular Photography called The Smarter Image. This newsletter serves as a quick announcement when new columns are published (every two weeks). I may also include links or other information related to the topic. For now, let’s start small and build from there.

Who am I?

My name is Jeff Carlson and I’ve written about technology and creative arts professionally for over 25 years, including several photography-specific books published by Pearson Education and Rocky Nook, and hundreds of articles for outlets such as DPReview, CreativePro, and The Seattle Times. I co-host two podcasts, lead photo workshops in the Pacific Northwest, and drink a lot of coffee.

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Jeff Carlson
Writer, Photographer, Late-Nighter